Lawrence Wesley Education Centre, Cat Lake, Ontario

IODE Laurentian Chapter has adopted two classes in the Aboriginal community of Cat Lake Northern Ontario. Following communication with the teachers of the 2 classes, the members of the Chapter’s Education Committee shop for and seek donations of books, sports equipment, warm clothing and other classroom and educational supplies. With some assistance from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (IANAC) about 10 to 12 parcels are sent north each year to the Grade 2/3 and Grade 5/6 classes at The Lawrence Wesley Education Centre. Every package is always eagerly welcomed and greatly appreciated by both the students and the teachers.

Grade 2/3 Students

The children in the school in Cat Lake have received educational items and books from IODE Laurentian Chapter for the past 10 years

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IODE Laurentian Chapter supports a wide range of scholarships and awards through frequent fund raising, interest from investments and from endowments.

In 1956 (to celebrate 50yrs of service in Ottawa) Laurentian Chapter sought and got permission from IODE Canada to buy two houses. One house was used as the meeting place for the Ottawa chapters and the other was used as a source of rental income. In the 1980's the houses were becoming a drain on the finances of the Ottawa Chapters so in 1988 they were sold and razed. A plaque identifying the former site of Laurentian House was placed on one of the buildings built on the site. The Laurentian Chapter invested its share of the proceeds and uses the interest along with money raised from fund raising and endowments, made to Carleton University and Algonquin College, to fund a range of scholarships, awards and grants nationally, provincially and locally. Locally we fund;

Algonquin College - IODE Laurentian Chapter Katherine Y. King Bursary
Kiwanis Music Festival - The Marion Ruddick Award (senior violin category)
Banff Avenue Community House - The Banff-Ledbury Bursary Program
Carleton University - IODE Laurentian Chapter Duchess of Connaught Scholarship and IODE Laurentian Chapter Mary C. Grant Bursary

Banff Ave Community House

The children of low income and immigrant families face great difficulties in adjusting to school and education. IODE Laurentian Chapter helps Banff Ave Community House, which serves a social housing community at Banff-Ledbury, by supporting literacy programs, homework clubs and their bursary program.

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Ottawa Shelters

IODE Laurentian Chapter supports shelters for homeless men and women and for abused and endangered women in the Ottawa area both through cash donations, toiletries and clothing.


IODE Laurentian Chapter continues to create warm clothing. Knitters from the chapter produce hats for new-borns for the Mother and Baby Unit of the Montfort Hospital, comfort teddies for women's shelters and toques and neck warmers for the two adopted classes in Cat Lake. We are always in need of knitteds. If you would like to help, email us for the patterns we use.


Citizenship Court

IODE believes in good citizenship. Members of the Laurentian Chapter, when requested, host a reception for new Canadians following Citizenship Courts in Ottawa. The fare is simple - tea, coffee, juice and sandwiches - but the mood is warm as Canada welcomes its newest citizens.