The Constitution

The business of IODE Laurentian Chapter is governed by a constitution and Primary Chapter Regulations (2016), and every member, when installed, makes the following promise. "I will support the mission of IODE and be governed by the Constitution of IODE." Meetings are conducted in an orderly way as regards the proposal, seconding and voting on motions (especially those concerning expenditures). Minutes are recorded and distributed to the membership and annually to the national organization. Chapter accounts are annually audited by a professional and reviewed by the membership.


The Chapter is headed by a president, with the support of a vice-president and treasurer and a slate of officers who take responsibility for various aspects of the chapter's life and work. The membership meets monthly over a ten-month period (September to June) so that officers can report to the membership and decisions be taken collectively.

Officers, 2017

President Janet Stratton
Honorary President Joan Drummond
Past President Jose Hamilton
Vice-President Marion Craig
Treasurer Janet Kiff-Macaluso
   Assistant Treasurer Barbara Potts
Recording Secretary Valerie Blais
   Assistant Recording Secretary Marion Craig
Services Officer Barbara Potts
Citizenship Officer Nancy Hooper
   Assistant Citizenship Officer Mary Tyler
   Standard Bearer Joan Drummond
Communications Officer Elanor Brodie
Education Officer Lorna King
   Assistant Education Officer Liz Roberts
Membership Officer Marilyn Patrick
   Assistant Membership Officer Ann Collett
Archives Elizabeth Dale-Harris
Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Hustint

Events Committees

Gananoque Bus Tour Charlene Sibbit (Convener), Susan Sibbit, Valerie Blais
New Edinburgh Garage Sale Elanor Brodie (Convener), Jeanette Maule, Jo Brodie
House & Garden Tour Valerie Blais, Jose Hamilton (co convenors)
Linden House Theatre Benefit Night Marion Craig (convenor) Jeanette Maule (tickets) Barbara Potts (food), Ann Collett (wine)